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Supporters are the most economic way to support the effort! At just 15 CENTS a day ($4.50/mo), a Supporter funds the needs of the YouTube channel, including, supplies & materials necessary to continue making videos. Supporters also have access to:

  • Supporter Downloads
  • Private Livestreams
  • Access to private help via email
  • Exclusive discounts on my commercial graphics, template and fonts website! As a Supporter, you will receive a special coupon for EIGHTY PERCENT OFF any Lightburn design, graphic or font available for sale  for as long as you’re a Member! Your membership will pay for itself after the VERY FIRST DAY!

    Supporters are the driving force that make this channel possible! The extra funds received are what pay for the time, materials and costs involved in making these videos! For only 15 cents a day at this level, the benefits included pay for themselves many times over! 
    *Patron Store Discount Coupon Code will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours of membership.


Everything in the Supporter level, admission into the buyers club, where you are able to purchase engraving blanks at near dealer cost (plus shipping to you)! Mags, coins, wallets, etc. And just 33 CENTS a day ($9.95/mo)


Everything in the Previous two levels, but UPGRADED! For only 83 CENTS a day ($24.95/mo)

  • A ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OFF COUPON for my graphic, template and font store, meaning it’s ALL FREE! Download as many digital files as you want any time you want!
  • ONE FREE CUSTOM Lightburn template every 6 months, on-demand, AND up to two free, custom graphics for that template!
  • FREE PHONE SUPPORT! ONE Free 30min phone support session every month as needed!
  • Champion onlyremote 60 min Lightburn Software help via remote desktop up to twice per year! If you have a problem you can’t solve, I might be able to help!
    Remote support is available only to Windows 10 or 11 users, with a high-speed Internet connection and Lightburn and a Lightburn Compatible Machine.

The cost of just ONE remote training session is $79.99With TWO sessions included in the membership, this alone pays for the entire year! Not to mention an ALL FREE PASS to the graphics and templates store! Many people spend more than a one-year membership in just ONE shopping trip to the online store!