Fiber / Galvo Laser Air Assist Kit **Version 2**

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Increase the quality of your engravings with the Light Source Engraving Galvo Laser Air Assist Kit.


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Mounts Anywhere on your Laser Bed

Review from Computer Creationz: https://youtu.be/soUoczAESVU?t=229

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Increase the quality of your engravings with the Light Source Engraving Fiber Laser Air Assist Kit.

Minimize debris build-up on the workpiece during the engraving process.

Direct smoke towards your exhaust and out of the path of the beam.

Air assist helps to achieve a more clean and smooth engraving

Minimize post processing with cleaner engraves.

Minimize Tumbler powder coat flare-ups.

Engrave wood and leather with your fiber laser while minimizing flare-ups.

Cool work surfaces to minimize warping and bubbling

Sturdy and flexible gooseneck for easy maneuverability

Works with your current air compressor or pump (90L/min or higher pump recommended like this one: https://amzn.to/3Mf68CK )

For extend runtime engraves lasting hours, an aquarium type pump listed above is recommended vs a small air compressor.

Adjustable air flow valve

Quick Assembly

Limited Lifetime Warranty on 3D Printed Parts

Standard Kit Includes:

6mm or 1/4 in OD, 4mm ID air hose

6mm or 1/4 in Tee and 24in 6mm or 1/4 in OD tubing

Adjustable air flow valve

300mm Flexible gooseneck with Flat Nozzle

6mm mounting Screws

Standard Mounting Base



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